Jean B. Schumaker, Ph.D.


    1. President
    1. Edge Enterprises, Inc.
    1. Lawrence, KS
    1. Retired Associate Director and Senior Research Scientist
    1. Certified SIM Professional Development Specialist
    1. University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning
    1. Lawrence, KS
    1. Professor Emeritus
    1. Department of Special Education
    1. University of Kansas
    1. Lawrence, KS

My Background and Interests
I grew up with a concern for children who need special help. One of my earliest experiences was organizing birthday parties for children with disabilities at the Matheny Medical and Educational Center in New Jersey. After the birthday parties were over and all the decorations had been cleaned up, I spent additional time with the children, putting them to bed, talking with them, and singing to them. Through those experiences and others as a camp counselor, I found that I loved being with children and teaching them. I decided that I wanted to be a clinical psychologist, and I went to college and graduate school with that goal in mind. However, along the way, I got hooked on research! I’ve worked with children in schools, camps, group homes, hospitals, and clinical settings. Across all those experiences, I’ve learned that all children can learn and can succeed. I’ve learned that if we hold high expectations for them and use special teaching techniques, they usually meet those expectations. I continue to do research with the goal of helping teachers teach and students learn.

The Story Behind the Concept Comparison Routine CD
The story behind the development of the Concept Comparison Routine CD starts with the routine itself. Our research team found that use of the Concept Comparison Routine improves the learning of all types of students in subject-area general education classes. (See the research summary for the Concept Comparison Routine.) Our team wanted teachers to have easy and affordable access to professional development about the routine. Dr. Joe Fisher had completed some initial studies showing that teachers could learn to use the Concept Mastery Routine very well if they worked through a computerized program. The Concept Comparison Routine CD is an extension of Joe’s initial work in this area.

My Thoughts About Content Enhancement Instruction
Content Enhancement Instruction is one of the few types of instruction that has been shown to improve the performance of all types of students in secondary general education classes. The fact that teachers can learn to use one of the routines at mastery levels in about three hours of time either through a CD or in a live workshop indicates that this teaching method is practical to learn as well as effective.

Teacher Feedback on the Concept Comparison Routine CD
Teachers were very positive about the CD program. They worked through it without difficulty and rated all the features of the program very highly. The results of the research on the CD program show that it is as effective as a live workshop in changing teacher planning and teaching behavior in the classroom. (See the research summary.)

My Contact Information
Please contact me through Edge Enterprises, Inc.
( or 785.749.1473).