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  • Q: What should I do if I am concerned about a product that has not arrived?

    A. Please call us at 785.749.1473. We will track the shipment for you and inform you of its status.

  • Q. What should I do if the products arrive damaged?

    A. All our shipments are insured through UPS.  Please keep the damaged packaging and the damaged products, and call us at 785.749.1473. We’ll give you information about how to proceed. We will replace any products damaged in the shipping process.

  • Q. Do you use “freight collect” accounts?

    A. No, we ship through UPS.

  • Q. Do your books have ISBN numbers?

    A. No, we just use the book titles.

  • Q. Do you provide discounts for shipping large orders?

    A. The large majority of our orders are large orders. We have priced our shipping and handling costs according to the expenses we incur for all the tasks involved in taking orders, processing them, packing them, shipping them, and collecting payment. Thus, we cannot provide discounts as our prices are as low as possible.

  • Q. Do you give desk copies to professors for free?

    A. All our products have been priced such that they can be purchased out of pocket. Thus, we cannot provide free copies as our prices are as low as possible. If you are a professor and wish to become one of our associated professional developers, please contact Dr. Patty Graner at for information on workshops for professors.

  • Q. Are you the sole-source vendor?

    A. We are the sole-source vendor for most of the Edge products.  The only products for which we are not the sole-source provider are as follows: Lexicons, Makes Sense Strategies, and the Main Idea Strategy books.  If you wish written verification of our sole-source status for a given product, please send the verification form to us at Edge Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 1304, Lawrence, KS 66044.

  • Q. What should I do if I need some products fast?

    A. Please call our order department (785.749.1473), make your order over the phone, and arrange to pay for expedited shipping and handling.

  • Q. How long will the shipping process take?

    A. We are located in Lawrence, Kansas, at the center of the nation. Once the order has been processed, the products packed for shipping, and the boxes picked up by UPS, the shipping time can vary from 2 business days to St. Louis and Denver to 5 business days to either coast. All orders made through this website will be shipped UPS ground.

  • Q. What does “Professional development required” mean on the product pages?

    A.All products designated with this label are available only through professional development workshops. Your order for these products will only be processed if you arrange for professional development with one of our certified professional developers and then provide us the name of that professional developer when you order the product. We have a network of more than 1000 professional developers located throughout the nation who can provide instruction to teachers and other professionals. If you are interested in arranging professional development sessions for a group, call Dr. Patty Graner at 785-864-0622, or contact her at for information about a professional developer near you. If you are interested in individual training for yourself alone, click here for information on professional development workshops.

  • Q. What should I do if I want to obtain copyright permission to print something in one of the products?

    A. Copyright for all of the Edge products is owned by the authors of the product. On each product page is an “About Author” button. Click on that button, and locate the contact information at the bottom of the page. Contact the author with your request. Please submit a detailed letter to the author specifying the information to be printed and the page number on which the information appears or other location (e.g., the section on a CD). Include any formal permission forms in your possession with your request.

  • Q. What should I do if I need the research results related to a given product?

    A. Each product page has an “About the Research” button. Please click on that button to read a summary of the research that has been conducted on the product. At the bottom of each summary page is a list of references that you can also read.

  • Q. What should I do if I have a question about a specific product?

    A. Each product page has an “About the first author” button. Click on that button, and contact the author using the contact information at the bottom of the page. If you have difficulty contacting the author, call us at 785.749.1473, and provide your contact information. We will have someone with knowledge about the product contact you and answer your questions.